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45.00 LBS

16-02TC-VN-K2-1000ft (k2 color code black & red conductors)


Tray Cable UL Type TC / TC-ER – 600V 16 AWG TFN/TFFN Insulation – PVC Jacket



APPLICATION: Primarily used for power, control, signal, communication and lighting circuits in commercial and industrial environments. Suitable for installation in cable trays, supported by messenger wire in open air, raceways, channels, conduits and ducts. Approved for direct burial and outdoors in cable trays where sunlight resistant is required. Also may be installed in wet or dry locations or in areas exposed to chemicals and oils. Available as Exposed Run (ER) for use between cable trays and utilization equipment, and Joist Pull (JP) applications in accordance with NEC 336.10 (7).


 CONDUCTORS: • Fully annealed bare copper Class B compressed strand per ASTM B-3 and ASTM B-8 or flexible stranding per UL 66


 INSULATION: • Heat and moisture resistant Polyvinylchloride (PVC) per UL 66 • Clear Polyamide (Nylon) jacket per UL 66

 ASSEMBLY: • Conductors are cabled together with or without fillers as required to form a round, compact cable core with a binder tape as needed

 JACKET: • Flame and sunlight resistant black PVC rated 90°C wet or dry per UL 1277. Ripcord provided for jackets with thickness of 60 mils or less.

 STANDARDS: • UL Listed as TC-ER (Exposed Run) per UL Standard 1277 and used in accordance with NEC for 3 or more conductors • UL Listed as TC-ER-JP (Joist Pull) and used in accordance with NEC • Approved for Class 1 or 2, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC • Rated 90°C wet or dry • Meets cold bend test at -25°C • ICEA S-95-658, ICEA S-73-532 • UL 66, UL1277 • UL1685 and IEEE 383 70,000 BTU Vertical Flame Test • UL Listed to IEEE1202 and CSA FT4 70,000 BTU Flame Test OPTIONS: • ICEA Method 1, Table E-1 or Method 4 Color Code • Tinned Copper • Shielding • Composite Constructions Tray Cable UL Type TC / TC-ER – 600V 16 AWG TFN/TFFN Insulation – PVC Jacket


COLOR CODE: • ICEA Method 1, Table E-2 (other color code options available)


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